Make the Most of Enjoying your Garden in your later years

Make the Most of Enjoying your Garden in your later years

Make your garden an extension of the house vertical garden

Too many times we live with our backs to the garden, as if it were something that does not go with the house. Combining sofas, tables, cushions, wicker baskets, natural fabrics, as well as plants, can turn your garden into another room in the house. You can paint the fences of the garden of colors, as you would with the interior walls and illuminate it to be able to enjoy it in the evening. If you have enough space, dare with an outdoor kitchen.


Increase the space of garden with vertical gardens Vertical

gardens have come with force this year 2017. On urban terraces and small gardens are ideal for a sense of spaciousness, allowing you to have plants without having to give up the use of space. They can also be placed inside the house, although for the less daring, there are vertical gardens of plants preserved on a mossy base that looks really natural and that save us the work of their maintenance.


Edible flowers for salads and cocktails

We have been cultivating aromatic plants and vegetables on our terraces for some time now. During these last years, the ornamental has been left aside while the user has prospered, mainly what we relate to healthy eating. In urban environments cultivating culinary plants is a trend, but this is not incompatible with having flowers in the garden: many of the flowers we know are edible, such as begonia, calendula, nasturtium, carnation, borage, zucchini, the thought, the petunia or the rose.


Make your garden an ecological garden It

uses mainly native plants, which are more robust and adapt well to our climate. Avoid the use of pesticides, so you will make your garden green and do not harm bees and butterflies. If you want your garden to be filled with butterflies, plant wildflowers, you will enjoy both the beauty of these simple flowers and the beautiful butterflies.


Recover old flowers and use large terracotta pots

In the gardens of the grandmothers, the plants were arranged in terracotta pots. It has the advantage of allowing to control plant growth, creating a more harmonious effect when the gardens are small: the size of the plants should be in line with the dimensions of the garden, to give greater space clearance. Dare to combine several plants in the same pot and arrange numerous pots of different sizes, colors and materials. Recover the plants of the grandmothers, of large flowers, such as camellias or hydrangeas.


It is an artistic activity that has become very popular for writing a will families in recent years and consists of changing the physical characteristics of a geographical area, whether urban or rural, to give it a special beauty and create a beautiful and cozy landscape. Beyond the artistic, the landscaper nowadays must also be in charge of protecting the environment and guaranteeing the sustainability of its design.


Some of the physical, visible and animated characters of a landscape that can be modified and manipulated are: the plants, flowers and trees, the forms that the land presents and the creations that human beings have made in that space.


The artist who dedicates himself to this task receives the name of a landscaper. The landscapers are responsible for carrying out their work taking into account a great diversity of elements:


Natural: a river, a stream, a hill etc.

Living beings: plants, flowers, trees.

Human creations: buildings, roads, bridges, etc.

It must also take into account the weather conditions.


Starting from the study of the factors mentioned above, landscaping experts create an environment that is aesthetically attractive, the manipulated landscape is the work of art of the landscaper for whom the design of gardens becomes a great challenge, each garden being a new and exciting world.

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