Just as a painter is able to make a pretty portrait, a real gardener can carve your green space. Indeed, everyone has his real talents and we always feel his know-how through the achievements of a person. If you like beautiful botanical parks, that does not necessarily mean that you are good at gardening. To really know if you have a green thumb, you need to know what are the qualities of a good gardener. Decent Aylesbury builders


The love of plants

Do plants inspire you with well-being and joie de vivre? Is your house well decorated with flowers or do you prefer a clean décor without the presence of plants? Indeed, it goes without saying that the first criterion of a good gardener is his affection for plants. If you want to know the secrets of green plants, you must above all appreciate them and desire their presence.


The fear of getting your hands dirty

Some people also hate mud and compost. In this case, it would be unimaginable for them to do gardening. If you identify with them, it is clear that it is you who refuse to have a green thumb.


The care of the plants

A good gardener is never tired of being near his plants and taking care of them. In addition, he is attentive to all the details, their exposure to the sun, climate change, soil treatment, watering, etc. Indeed, if you think that a tree grows by itself, you have especially green ideas!


The notions of gardening

A person with a green thumb is above all a big fan of gardening. The last thing is to know the usual terms related to this practice. She should also know a maximum of plants and their properties. This will further guide her in choosing flower species for her garden.


Many of us are reluctant to touch our beautiful shrubs for fear of hurting them. Be aware that pruning is an important step that will delight your shrubs. It is even indispensable to them.


Why prune your shrubs?

Imagine the well-being you feel when you leave a hair salon. Do not you feel lighter, more refreshed? You are also more beautiful! The same goes for your shrubs. By pruning them, you give them a new breath and give them a look. Yes, size is good for your shrubs . It helps to give them a new youth. After the size, new branches will appear. The size thus allows the branching of your shrubs. They will also have a more abundant flowering.


How to cut them?

In general, the shrubs are pruned during the winter. This, to prepare them for the coming spring. On the other hand, for spring-flowering shrubs, pruning is done at the beginning of the summer. If you notice that your shrubs are developing a lot and become less elegant, make a light size to give it a neat shape.


To prune your trees, remove the dead and sick branches. For your convenience, equip yourself with good tools. A saber saw is a handy gardening tool. It is easy to use and light. You can use a cordless saber saw (to choose if you have a large garden and have a lot of shrubs). You can also opt for a wireless model. It’s more convenient and can be used everywhere, even far from an electrical source.


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